2006-10-17 - 12:19 a.m.

There may be cause for excitement. There may be a store in the next town over that sells vegetarian sausages. !!!!! Now...I'm not sure yet and any way it isn't super-duper exciting because they would be the Linda McCartney sausages (I tried them when we were in Cambridge) and they are just okay...they are NOT anywhere near as superior as my Morningstar Farms breakfast patties...but, vegetarian sausages make me happy regardless. Because that means I can have eggs benedict. Well...I can have eggs benedict if I can muster the energy to make English muffins because they don't have them here. ANYWAY.

For the love of god....I may, or may not, have vegetarian sausages for this weekend.

I had tea this evening and worked on the afghan I started TWO years ago. I think I am on row nine now or something ridiculous like that. I got really into it last winter and then I ran out of yarn and had to wait for Eric to bring me more from The United States of America and while I was waiting I ran out of steam. But yeah, it was nice tonight. I made a loaf of bread and sipped green tea and worked on my afghan. Very relaxing.

I will sleep now.


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