2006-10-10 - 2:02 p.m.

Well, I am not bonkers.

I have to admit that every so often over the course of the last two and a half weeks I thought I was bonkers. You know, because I was stressed out about my Italy trip and then suspiciously get ill a week before I am supposed to leave and the doctor gives me pills to cure me but it doesn't cure me and I am still sick for the entire week that I was supposed to be in Italy and then miraculously the DAY I was supposed to return from Italy I am better? Yeah, I was starting to really question my, did I just create all that because I was too scared to go to Italy and spend a week writing and having to talk to people?

But today I have been vindicated....went back to the doctor (for something like the fifth time and tomorrow will be the sixth because she still wants me to get the sonogram of my urinary tract stuffs to make sure they are okay) this morning and sure enough...that first round of antibiotics had not touched the infection and my pee sample came back full of bacteria, or as the report reads, "abundantes colonias de estafilococo)". Thank heavens that the doctor didn't wait for the urinalysis to come back before she finally (I did have to suffer needlessly for more than a week) prescribed more antibiotics...that would have meant that I would have still been sick all weekend. And I would have been a total basket case. You may or may not know this...but I am losing it right now. I've been cooped up, lost my Italy trip, haven't been able to exercise, for some time I wasn't able to drink coffee, eat spicy foods or drink alcohol AND every day I had to get up and go to the doctor for this or that which just gets annoying and takes away even more life.


So....for future reference....don't get too sick in Spain because it just two weeks to diagnose and cure a routine UTI.

Also...I've been washing and drying everything we own. Because of our new washer and dryer. Seriously...when you haven't had a working dryer in something like two's incredible to have one again. After I wash and dry everything we own I think I am going to start over and do it again. I love my new dryer.

That is all.


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