2006-10-09 - 6:35 p.m.

Before February I need to find a house cleaner.

So that I can go back home for three weeks without totally stressing my husband out. (Don't take that the wrong way...he doesn't get stressed about house cleaning...he gets stressed from having to take care of/clean up after/snuggle with my six gatos. And...he did try to keep the stress out of his voice last year when I was home, for the most part. But by the end there he was ready to jump off the roof.)

Because I really need at least three weeks in Michigan right now. I think last year at this time I had the worst crisis of my stay here. It appears that it is going to happen again because right now I am REALLY FUCKING HOMESICK. I want just a few days where things are simple. I need to be alone. And I really want to hang out in a bookstore on a weekday afternoon when no one else is in there. Plus, of course, I want Morningstar Farms breakfast patties and my mother's macaroni and cheese.


I want to be in Michigan/Illinois/Iowa right now.


And thank you.

Find me a house cleaner.


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