2006-10-11 - 7:21 p.m.

Maternal instinct is bizarre. Today I was outside know, kind of spaced out into my book...and a baby started wailing somewhere out on the street and in my reading haze I totally jumped up and ran into the house to comfort the baby. Which I don't have.

Also. Today while I was waiting to get into my pee parts sonogram...there was a squishy baby (there for her vaccinations) being hauled around by an obviously proud grandmother and I had to resist, with every fiber of my being, stuffing that squishy baby foot in my mouth. What the hell is that?

Dear Mother...I don't need to hear about it. Thank you.

Apparently my pee parts sonogram was pretty cool. I didn't see much since I was the one on the table with an extremely full bladder (I had to drink a liter of water an hour before the appointment which turned into an hour and a half before the appointment (for various reasons) and couldn't really move to look at the screen. Eric, however, kept remarking, "Cool." Especially after noting my visibly full bladder on the screen (the doctor said, "pobrecita!" when he saw the size of it...I mean, I was FULL!)and then noting the extreme change after I was asked to go to the restroom and empty said hugely full bladder.

Oh anyway...I am perfect. Everything is perfect...back to normal and happy. Well....I should say for now because this afternoon Eric's friend Smitty Joe arrived for two and a half weeks and he arrived terribly ill with the flu. So I expect to have that soon.

Lubbly jubbly.


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