2006-05-05 - 2:03 p.m.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of living here.

In that year we have had two cell phones stolen from our car on two separate occasions. We have had to cancel our bank cards at least twice in this past year due to theft. Our car has been keyed on several occasions. And of course, the ladder. Someone stole the ladder out of our yard. Our walled in yard.

I always felt pretty safe within the house. Our windows are barred and we have these huge bars that go across the doors at night...I would take a picture to show you what I am talking about except that last night, while Eric and I were sleeping, someone broke into our house and stole our cameras...and two laptop computers (why mine was spared I don't know??), a money clip, Eric's passport...our car keys...

While we were sleeping.

I fucking hate this country. The police are saying that it is eastern Europeans doing this...but whatever. I want to come home.


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