2006-05-05 - 2:58 a.m.

Tonight I went out with Eric and his work poeple...not because I wanted to go out with work people but because I wanted to celebrate ONE YEAR in Spain. (Ugh. But really, it is ONE YEAR of LIVING with another human being and I wanted to celebrate it because ONE YEAR of living with another human being has been exceptional! Whoa!!) Uh..

I am quite drunk.

Typing is a problem. I find this funny. How could any alcoholic novelist ever write a whole novel???? Or wait...maybe that's the thing...typing just one line takes you get more time to think about what you need to say. Maybe I should try being drunker in my life. Maybe then I could write a meaningful story.

Oh god, I am drunk.

I liked the work people we were with tonight. They were German. I like German people. I have no definitive reason for this, I just do. They are always very concise. And human. This is part of the reason I cannot understand how Hitler ever came to be. I am very drunk right now (and why does this fact make me feel as though I can write a diaryland entry????) so I will not elaborate. But I do, I always like German people.

I had baked provolone cheese and grilled veggies for dinner. It was FANTASTIC.

I have a headache right now.

From cigarette smoke.

And yet...

Amy will be here in less than a month and I told her to bring my beloved American Spirit cigarettes with her. And I know they will give me a headache and make me feel like shit...but I just can't wait.

That is terrible.

I am going to bed now.

Because I am DRUNK.


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