2006-04-12 - 12:14 p.m.

So a while back I decided to mess around with the thermostat. I wanted to change the timer crap on it because it was heating the house at times when I didn't need heat and not heating at times when I needed heat. Anyway, I managed to fuck it up. Of course. So now on Tuesdays we get heat all day and on Wednesdays we get none at all. I am FROZEN right now. It's warmer outside. Which is where I should be. But I have lots of things to do on-line right now.

I just got an e-mail from my best friend. She had to have her dog euthanized last night. I hate this kind of shit. Unfortunately being a person that takes care of your animal friends will usually mean that you will have to euthanize that animal friend at some point. Because they aren't going to die from anything but old age and old age usually brings along with it suffering and we don't want our animal friends to suffer so that euthanization thing is always going to come around. I hate that. Hate it. I wish animals could talk. Or that I could talk to animals.

I had a really bad dream about an airplane being blown up last night. It's a good thing that I've decided that I am not in the least bit psychic because I could swear that this was a psychic dream. In it I was sitting in a coffee shop having coffee with a lot of people before a flight. I was telling everyone how terrified I was of flying. There was one man in the group who I kept making eye contact with and when I got up to go to the bathroom he followed me, told me he had never instantly fallen in love with someone before but he had me and I felt the same way. Then he asked me what time my flight was and where was I going and I told him and he thought for a second and then told me that I would be okay. Then he left. And then I was on the plane and we took off and we were flying over water and I was, as usual, freaked out, and then there was a big explosion. It wasn't our plane but one that was flying below us. It shook our plane and the pilots were struggling to keep the plane in the air. I knew that the man from airport had blown up the plane below us and that he had been on that plane. That he had blown himself up too.

It was scary. A bad dream.

Squishy Cat is going to the vet today. His mouth is fucked up AGAIN. He keeps choking on everything he tries to eat. It was okay when his mouth was doing this every few months but they won't give him steroid shots too often and the next course of action is to REMOVE HIS TEETH. REMOVE HIS TEETH. I cannot let that happen. I need to figure out how to keep his mouth from flaring up.

I have to go look up Spanish words for choking, swallowing, DON'T TAKE THIS TEETH OUT and so on now.



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