2006-04-17 - 12:43 a.m.


Been an interesting week.

Guests arrived Friday.

Squishy Cat went to the vet, got a shot, was supposed to be okay but then ate half a pound of hamburger and made himself he won't eat and will have to be taken back to the vet on Tuesday when they reopen. In the meantime I am jamming food down his throat and supplimenting forced food with this high calories gel crap. Also jammed down his throat. guests. I enjoy them. If I were a social creature these would be my favorite guests (my brother doesn't count because he isn't a guest). But I'm not a social creature so I am just weirded out by guests in general. So, they arrived Friday. I made dinner that night. We ate, drank, went to sleep. Saturday we did the Barcelona thing but kind of totally half assed. Didn't take them to to see anything really. Had dinner in Sitges. Today I got up early-ish and started making food. Had Easter brunch, it was nice. I don't like drinking in the daytime though. That part was bad. I fell asleep for about an hour. I think we all did. Then we played badmitton (wait, how is that spelled?) and that was a lot of fun. I used to be REALLY good. Now I am REALLY bad. I made dinner, we ate, we drank, now everyone but me is asleep.

Tomorrow they leave and I have put a guest restriction in place. I need a month or seven to get myself back together. And Squishy Cat too. I need to take a long, long time off the drinking. I've been drinking WAY too much lately. I feel gross.

I saw the crazy peacock today. He lives in this village and he makes all sorts of noise. I've never seen him before. He is huge. Huge. It was really startling to see him.

I am going to bed now.


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