2006-01-13 - 6:30 p.m.

Today some dillhole was playing early Mariah Carey really loudly from his apartment way up high and I heard it, as if it was right next to me, for most of my entire beach walk. Also, the sunset was beautiful today and the moon was out before the sun one part of the sky was moon, the other part was sunset. And the whole sea looked pale pink.

Wino guy was walking around swinging his bottle of wine and seemingly being very chatty to everyone that walked by (I say seemingly because his tone and the speed at which he was talking seemed chatty like but I have no idea what he was saying, he could have been telling us all to fuck off). But everyone was veering away from him...I would guess because he was wearing bright turquoise sweatpants and a bright turquoise nylon jacket with an orange scarf wrapped around his head. Wino guy must not be a total wino because 1. where would he store his boom box when he is sitting in the middle of the boardwalk without it if he doesn't have a home and 2. he does appear to have quite a few clothes. Weird clothes, but clothes nevertheless.

I talked to Eric tonight and his business trip has now been extended by four days. This made me very sad. I don't exactly know why this made me very sad, but it did. I mean, I KNOW why...but usually I have a very nice time with my private space even though I miss him. I just don't feel like having a nice time with my private space this week. I want him to come home and eat dinner with me.

My goal this week, while he was gone, was to go down to the health food store/restaurant in Sant Pere and browse and most importantly, eat in the restaurant. It would be a cool place for me to go in the afternoon if I feel like getting out of the house. I don't need a car to get down there and it is a vegetarian place...couldn't be better. But I didn't get around to it yet. Mostly because it was on my list to do today but yesterday as I was driving back through Sant Pere from the gym I saw a dead cat in the road and I had to fight every ounce of my being to go and take it out of the road. Because it was in a very dangerous spot and I could easily get killed by a car speeding around the corner. And Eric told me not to play with dead animals. So I am trying to avoid going by the dead cat and if I were to go to the health food store I would have to go by the dead cat.

SO THE POINT's kind of okay that Eric is going to be gone four extra days because now I will be able to, certainly, accomplish my goal.

There was more total chaos at the grocery store today. I hate that place. I have to find a new grocery store.

I have to go now because a very nice girl gave me a project to do. As though she knew exactly what I needed right now. So I must go do it.


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