2006-01-02 - 7:47 p.m.

I've been thinking lately that I should quit Diaryland pretty soon. I mean, I don't think it would be wise to be writing in this diary once I am famous and it's getting pretty close to me being famous time.

Today I went for a walk and was totally amazed by the simple fact that I no longer have to pay attention to where I am walking and that I can't get lost in Sant Pere anymore. There is no way I could get lost there matter how many twisting roads I took. I find this odd because I have no idea when or how it was that I suddenly got my bearings.

Also...I think that Sant Pere is such a kind of shithole because the locals call it Ribes. The entire name of the town is Sant Pere de Ribes...WE call it Sant Pere...the natives/localyocals call it Ribes. Sant Pere sounds much more classy. Ribes sounds like a kind of shithole. They'd do themselves a favor to change their shortened name preference. (somewhere I remember learning that once upon a time, under the dictator Franco, all towns had to have a saints name added to their names and so Ribes became Sant Pere de Ribes (Saint Pere of Ribes)and so, of course in defiance of a dictator, the locals changed the name but didn't CALL it that and THAT is the reason they picked the shitholish sounding name....HOWEVER...this whole thing might be a bunch of bunk and I might have IMAGINED this story being told to me because the other towns we go to don't have saints names added to them...Sitges, Barcelona, Gava...I think I might be full of shit.)


I have lots of plans.


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