2006-01-01 - 3:06 a.m.

Gee....I sure like destroying evenings. Good stuff ain't it??

I had a lovely New the way. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I have been saying I was going to do. Except...I didn't rent chick flicks because there were boys in the house and boys and chick flicks don't mix. Chick flicks on Monday.

Tomorrow...or maybe the next day I will write my New Years resolutions. I am acutally one of those people that (most usually) adheres to her resolutions. I take them very seriously.

I called the girl that was once my best friend tonight. I am amazed that even after not having REALLY spoken in about ten years and the fact that our friendship was a friendship from fourth grade until we were 21 (which in hindsight are pretty whacked and not exactly inherent to your being years...most of you won't know that yet though so I probably shouldn't mention it and ruin the revelation)...I am amazed at how well we know one another and how we can instantly just start TALKING as though we talked yesterday. It was nice to talk to her. The reason I called her was because we had fondue for dinner tonight and I learned that tradition from her. We spent 12 New Years eating fondue for dinner. Sometimes it feels really strange to not know her anymore. So I called her.

And that is about it. It's three in the morning now. Eric is downstairs watching something on TV...I have five cats sleeping on the bed, one on my lap and an Englishman sleeping the guest room. I probably shouldn't have let on that I wanted them to NOT go out tonight. I should have just let them go out. I think they wanted to go out. But I really wanted everyone under one roof.

Call me crazy.



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