2005-10-30 - 3:48 p.m.

I am very impatient for my boy to come home. This month has been terrible without him. TERRIBLE. I am seriously beside myself with impatience right now and I still have to wait 42 more hours before he is home. I think my impatience is partially because he is in the States right now and six hours behind me which means that our communication is DRASTICALLY reduced. I've been sitting here for five hours now silly with impatience for it to be time for him to wake up. And, by the time he is able to call me (during the week he doesn't get off work until about 6 and on the weekends he doesn't wake up until about 6) I am usually getting ready for BED. Anyway, I just want him home now.

Last night I had a dream about an airplane crash. This isn't anything new, I always dream about airplane crashes. But this one was different because in the dream I wasn't scared AND we landed safely. We were flying to California and as we were taking off the pilot (I was sitting behind them in the dream and the cockpit was open) said, "I hear a strange sound perhaps we should abort the takeoff," and then he paused and said, "oh, it went away, never mind," and continued with the take off. Then we were over Louisville Kentucky and we started flying really low to the ground (this is how I knew it was Lousiville, because I recognized it)and the pilot turned to me and said we had to make an emergency landing but they had to find a spot and it was difficult in Atlanta and I kept trying to tell him we were in Louisville...ANYWAY...with my help they found a landing spot and we landed without a glitch. THEN in my dream I burst out crying from relief. It was all very weird.

I realized today that my two closest friends are blondes. I think this is weird. One of them is a fake blond. The other is a real blond. One of them has fake boobs. The other one doesn't. One of them is incredibly intelligent. (they are both smart but one is very smart). One of them drinks whiskey and one of them gets drunk off one glass of wine. One of them was once passed out with me under some lilac bushes after we drank a bottle of vodka...and this is also the one that gets drunk from one glass of wine now. The one that drinks whiskey has her own Harley. The other one drives a Toyota with really good gas mileage. My two blonde friends are very different. But they are both blonde. I have dark hair, my own boobs, I can drink a half a bottle of wine before I am drunk, I haven't had liquor since that lilac bush incident which was over ten years ago, and I don't have my own car now but if I did it would be either an Audi TT or a Mazda Miata (which they call something else here). I want a convertible. Due to recent developments though I will not be getting my convertible. That is sad.



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