2005-10-30 - 7:09 p.m.

I wonder how it is that one hour difference, backwards or forwards, can make such a huge difference in my day. I am all fucked up today because of the time change. It's weird.

I came up with a title for my National Novel Writing Month novel that I will begin writing in a couple days. It is, "Dear Sylvester Stallone." It's going to be fantastic. But I am not telling you what it is going to be about. I was inspired to write this today when I read that Sylvester Stallone is releasing a Rocky Six. Or five, or something like that. All I needed to know was that there were going to be more Rocky's. Just you wait...this is going to be a best seller. FOR SURE. How could it not be??

Today I wrote a homework assignment for one of my writing classes and I sat back afterwards and said outloud, "well, that is fucking brilliant!" And I meant it. I would share it with you but I am not going to. Because you might not be able to handle how brilliant it is.

I feel very manic today. Like I overdosed on B-complex or something.

Must be because Boy will be home in 38 hours.



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