2005-10-29 - 10:41 p.m.

I found one lonely Yankee Candle votive hidden in my bathroom cupboard this afternoon. And I thought...well, I better save this in case Eric doesn't get to the Yankee Candle store...and that was a sad thought.

But he just called, from some store in Alma, Michigan full of Yankee Candles and I spent half an hour picking out scents and YAY!! I promptly lit my lonely votive.

I've discovered that this house is a spicy house. I used to favor the clean cotton scents...but those just wouldn't fit this house. This is a spicy house.

Also...I used to get the Midsummers night Yankee Candle...back at my old house. And I love that scent but I told Eric not to buy it because I think it would make me sick with longing. I'm trying to repress my homesickness. That wouldn't help.

Everything got worse today. That thing I was trying to clear up yesterday seemed worse and more uncomfortable, I also started sneezing like crazy and my head started hurting but I couldn't take sinus crap because it can cause and probably worsen that condition of mine and my eyes were watering, the inside of my nose ACHED, I still couldn't walk very well and then, about an hour ago everything started to get better. It was one of those things where things get worse before they get better. And that's cool. As long as I heal. Now I am all paranoid that I am dying. I get so dramatic.

And that's all.



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