2005-03-08 - 4:50 a.m.

My cats are really weird this morning.

I have one that has been kind of half playing with a piece of plastic I snipped off a new belt. He is just laying there batting it back and forth with little enthusiasm, for the last half an hour.

I have another one that has taken up this new habit of pawing at me as though he is digging while I am sleeping. I have no idea what this is. I had assumed that he did it when he was hungry because he WAS only doing it when Eric was here and their feeding schedule gets a bit off when Eric is here. But he did it last night from 1 am until I woke up at 4.

And then I have two others who have been standing face to face glaring at one another since I woke up an hour ago. I think that Smitten has just recently learned that Bear no longer has his dangerous claws and that it is safe to go around him now. It used to be that Bear would swipe at anything that walked by him and gash them. Now he can swipe all he wants and there is no gash. Which has saved me A TON of money in vet bills. Anyway, this happened this last summer...when I finally gave in and took him in to get his claws out. It was getting too much, all the injury to my other cats and TO ME. And things have been better for it and I am sorry I didn't do it before. I was freaked out about doing it, I felt really mean. But now he is 70% more the lap cat than he was before and he doesn't tear my legs up when he is on my lap...AND, he isn't battering my other cats. So I think that Smitten is just learning this and is now taking advantage of being able to be near Bear. Even if it means they are just going to stand there and stare at each other.

For some reason this morning I have been thinking about marijuana. Probably because we were talking about it at work yesterday. People think it is really weird that I have never smoked it before. It's funny because when that whole thing with Clinton was in the news, the I didn't inhale thing, I totally knew he was telling the truth. Because the one and only time I ever even attempted to smoke pot was in high school. Back in high school I was also attempting to be a smoker of cigarettes and it wasn't until I was nineteen that someone said, "You're an idiot, you aren't even inhaling." And then taught me that you have to inhale the smoke and I choked and gasped and it was funny. Anyway, back in high school I took one hit of pot, because it was passed to me and I was just too lazy to go through my whole no thing. But I didn't inhale it and I spent the next couple years thinking my friends were just faking being high because I hadn't felt one thing from it. In the next years I became a sort of anti pot person. Because I knew two people that were pot heads and not the normal pot heads. They weren't at all laid back and in fact acted as though they were on speed most of the time. And if they didn't smoke their pot every day they would get really, really mean and agitated and stupid. Plus, it is against the law and even if it doesn't really make sense...against the law means something to me. But now days, even though I would still never smoke it, I am beginning to realize how dumb it is for it to be illegal. Number one, you legalize it and a lot of not so wonderful people are out of a job. Number two...the people I knew that were pot heads were the exception. Anyone else I know that is a pot head is totally lucid and laid back. The people I know that drink alcohol on a regular basis are NOT laid back and lucid. If alcohol is legal than there is no way pot shouldn't be legal. It is dumb.


Those are morning thoughts.

Work now.


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