2005-03-04 - 6:00 p.m.

Ah. Price wars. This is nice. Usually I don't get to be the power in things like this. I sent in requests for seven estimates on getting my cats to Spain and only four of seven responded. Only two of those four kept up a contact with me and only one of those two kept up when Eric's company said yes to paying for the entire cost of the cats yesterday I immediately wrote to that one company and told them the business was theirs. Then I wrote mails to the other three that had responded and told them that I had chosen another company and I have thus far received two mails telling me that they would like a chance to beat the chosen companies price. This is nice. And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relived that the company is going to take this cost. Because if they weren't going to my move was going to have to be delayed due to LACK OF SERIOUS FUNDS and my reluctance to try to get the cats there on my own. The company picking up the tab for this has totally freed me. I am picking a date TONIGHT. I am in the midst of writing my letter of resignation to my boss. Normally a letter of resignation is not required when you are a breakfast waitress. But I have worked for this man for eleven years and he has been SO awesome, especially in the last three years when I was leaving every three months for weeks and weeks at a time. ANYWAY....

That girl from high school DID call me back. This afternoon. But I couldn't answer the phone because I was at work and didn't have time to talk. I was so elated though...especially because in her message she says..."Whisper, this is Kelli (insert her last name), and it is still (insert her last name), I kept my last name when I got married...." I LOVE it when people keep their last names. It is very important to me when people keep their last names because I have big issues with people giving up their last names when they get married. So...I called her back a little while ago and left a message and I assume she will call any minute now because I put hair dye in my hair twenty minutes ago and have to rinse it in ten minutes and it would be perfectly right that she would call me at the time that I have to rinse it. Remember the time I had hair dye in my hair for the first time and I was rinsing it and had read the instructions which stated that I needed to rinse until the water ran clear and the water was never running clear and I was in panic mode and rinsing forever and then decided that maybe if I put conditioner in my hair it would help rinse it out so I did that and was rinsing the conditioner of my hands in the sink and realized that the water was weirdly colored and called the village to see what was up and found out that they were flushing the system and my had probably been rinsed out like ten minutes before I went into panic mode??? That was funny.

My mother had a migraine today. These are becoming too frequent and I am starting to get really freaked out. I attribute it to menopause but it still freaks me out. Anyway, I had to pick my little brother up at school. I waited for like twenty minutes before he came out and I asked him why he was so late and he said, "because Cody kicked me in the balls and I had to recover." Then he says, "Sis, you are so, so lucky you are a girl and you don't have to feel this kind of pain." And I said, "Oh...yeah...I need MEDICATION for female pain buddy, you try to deal with THAT every single month." Then I said, "Besides, I think that a woman feels that same kind of pain if she is hit in the breasts." And he says, "Yeah, but some girls like that." And then he tells me a joke..."what makes sex and casinos the same?" "I don't know, what?" "Poke her in the front, lick her in the back." It takes a lot of getting used brothers being total dirtbags.

Today I switched sections with another girl. Yesterday I was at a point where if I had to deal with one more non smoker old person I was going to have to kill one or two of them. So I switched. AND's NOT okay with me that I had to instruct this girl that switched sections with me...ALL DAY she asked me questions. And she asked me questions NOT BECAUSE SHE HAD TO but because the customers I have apparently spoiled too much said to her, "Oh...just ask Whisper, she knows," when she asked them what they wanted or how they wanted their eggs or whatever...However, I did enjoy my very peaceful day in the smoking section. And even though I made about $70 less than I would have in my usual section, it was totally worth it. I got to get up three hours later and I didn't have to run my ass off all day and deal with repetitive "THIS COFFEE IS COLD!" all day. So my sanity, because it was on a brink, was totally worth the $70. And it was totally awesome when this girl that switched sections with me said at the end of the day, "I totally understand why you guys (meaning us guys that work in the non smoking side) get so stressed out, that was awful." And I totally understand why those girls that work the smoking side are always so was CAKE working there. I didn't have as many tables, but the tables I did have were NICE and tipped really well. No one complained all day and I could relax and it was wonderful.

I need to do something productive now.


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