2005-02-13 - 6:58 p.m.

This is how things go in this crazy world I live in. Yeah, the blower on my car heater might decide to stop working for a while...but, as with other things in this vortex of weirdness I live in, it will just decide to kick on, for no apparent reason.

Granted, yesterday I pounded the shit out of my dashboard.

For the last four days I have been feeling as though I desperately need to floss my teeth. And I keep forgetting.

I had a box of bathroom stuff that I wasn't going to throw perfume and stuff. And I must have somehow thrown it away a month or two ago. And since then I have been tearing my house apart looking for it. Because I cannot believe I threw it away. And of course, there was a bottle of perfume in there that I didn't wear very often but since I have lost the box I have been thinking about nothing else except how wonderful it would be to wear that perfume. I am bonkers with desperation for that perfume.

I had to work with that evil bitch today. She really makes me sick to my stomach...she's such an ass.

And Talking Girl is being a pain in the ass to work with lately too. I have grown to like her, quite a bit, but she still talks too much and now she is starting to get all superior acting to the cooks and I find myself, many time during the day, having to put out temper flames after she leaves the back because she has pissed off another cook.

Speaking of work. I have totally given up trying to be a good waitress on Sundays. I can't take it anymore. Today every single order the cooks "sold" to me were incomplete and I would have to either stand there and wait with most of the order pulled and getting cold or I would have to come back later to get the rest of it and it was ridiculous and stupid and a waste of my fucking time. I gave up around ten o'clock when some bitch came out of the banquet room and demanded to know where her food was and I explained to her that it was very busy and everyone was waiting for food and I would get it to her as soon as it was ready and then when their order DID come up it was all cold because I waiting for three of the ten orders and she was all pissed and acted as though I intentionally held it and that was why it was cold. Anyway, I give up.

Going to bed now. This day, no more.


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