2005-02-14 - 4:36 a.m.

I feel rather lost.

346-1212 has been disconnected. This was the number I have been calling all my life to get the correct time. I was so reliant on this number that I have even, when in the midst of travel, called this number long distance to get the correct time. And now it is disconnected and I do not trust that it is really 4:38 in the am right now. I don't know how I will live like this.

I am sleepy this morning. One of those mornings that even though my four alarms were blaring out music from different stations I decided to ignore them, not even wanting to press snooze, and slept for a while after they started going off. I am going to take this opportunity to blame Paul Auster. I am reading New York Trilogy right now and while it is no where near as good as Moon Palace or Mr. Vertigo, it is still good enough to make me not able to put it down. I fell asleep last night sitting up, heating pad on, light on, book on my chest.

I have a full schedule today due to my disease of slacking. Eric arrives Thursday and I have yet to even begin the list of things I have to get before we apply for our visas in a week. And I have to take two cats to the vet (one is puking, one needs shots.) And I have to go to the gym because I am totally slacking on that and I can feel it mentally. And I want to get this all done so I can go to the hospital tomorrow to see Tricia and her daughter.

Today is Valentines Day. I normally hate Valentines Day because it is dumb. But this year I am really enjoying it...because my husband has turned it into some romantic festival of gifts with cute notes attached. He's really special. I love cute notes, the gifts are great too, but I really enjoy the cute notes. I just wish he was here to give them to me.

Oh...also today I am going to call MCI and let them have it. I am totally mad now...I still haven't had my long distance restored and its been a week now since I got all that cleared up with them. MCI is suspension crazy. They will shut you off for "suspicious activity" (me calling France daily) and they will shut you off if they have a question about your service and you don't call them back. And they will shut you off if you have any amount of past due balance on your account, even if you have set up automatic payments and they have taken out two months payments already. I hate them.


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