2005-02-13 - 6:25 a.m.

Yesterday we (my girls from work and myself) went for drinks after work. Well, it was supposed to be one drink but somehow we ended up having more than that, for three, four hours.

Anyway...there was this guy there that I used to wait on when I worked at Wayside twelve years ago. One time, back then, I was giving him his change for his beer and he said something, I don't remember what, and I took his change back and told him I was keeping it. Then I stuffed it in my bra. A little later I went back over there and gave him his money back and he said he was going to keep it forever because it had been where he was never going to be (my bra). Then I signed the dollar bill. So it's been funny because he still has it. I run into him every few years and he pulls it out of his wallet. So yesterday when I saw him I had him show the girls and it was funny and he stayed at our table talking. This guy has always been a total dirtbag, but nice and he was never an annoying customer. But yesterday he was carrying the dirtbag a little far and we were all listening to him in complete awe as he told stories about cheating on his wives and blah blah blah. Then he said, "I have seven kids with six women and their husbands don't know the kids are mine." At which point Donna and I got up and went to the bathroom. We were speaking about him in the bathroom and saying how he needed to get away from our table now because he was disgusting and this girl came out and said, "Are you guys talking about Bill?" Anyway...she got him away from our table but I felt like kind of a jerk about it. I mean, even if he is a dirtbag, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.

THEN...this hostess was talking to us and Donna cooed, "Oh look, look at her bump!" And I said, "What?" And Donna says, "She has a buldge!" And I looked at the hostess and it did appear that she was pregnant and I said, "Ohhhh." And the hostess said, "What bump?" And we kinf of just ignored her because at this point we realized that she wasn't pregnant afterall. Later she came back to the table and said with a little hostility..."You guys said something about my bump, or my bulge, what were you talking about?" And Donna jumps right in and says, "Your boobs! Man, look at you, that's great, you'll notice that all of us are a bit lacking in that department." And then the hostess goes on to tell us that she has already scheduled a reduction. And we talk for a while more, about how she can share with us, how great she looks....and it was all terrible because we made total asses out of ourselves thinking she was pregnant.

I also managed to somehow get Donna to call me her friend yesterday. Since she started working there we are her co-workers. I asked her, months ago, how long one must hang out with, talk with, share things with before people can be her friends and she said she would see. Anyway...finally yesterday she called me her friend and that was cool because she is a cool person and I am honored to be her friend.

We also lectured Jenn for a long time about her lacking sex life. That was an interesting conversation.

I had a lovely revelation about how lucky I am to be in love with Eric. Because he is such an exceptional guy and because I am loved by him, and loved dearly by him, that makes me exceptional to. I must be special because he loves me. I love that feeling. I feel so proud. He's got teh girls at work all riled up right now. One girl actually takes notes on all the things Eric does because she wants a man just like him. It is currently Valentines week in Eric land and I have gotten flowers, gourmet cakes, a gift certificate for a massage...the girls are freaking out. It's kind of fun.

As we were leaving the bar yesterday my friend Kathy stopped us all and demanded to know how much money each of us had on our persons. Since we had all worked that day we each had a couple hundred bucks on us and she said, "LET'S GO TO VEGAS!" "LET'S GET ON A PLANE AND GO TO VEGAS!" And how cool would that have been? To just go. We really should have.

Off to work now.


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