2005-02-08 - 5:05 p.m.

So I got my nose pierced on Wednesday. And strangely I received no comments about it today from customers. This could be because they were just ignoring it like a girl I work with. I was commenting about how strange it was that no one had noticed that I had gotten my nose pierced and she said, “Oh, I noticed but I was totally ignoring it because that grosses me out.” Or…as the busboy said, “I don’t think anyone is ever looking at your nose.”

I had a fucking awful day yesterday. On top of that fact that my cell phone will not allow me to charge it and is therefore dead (and this is a big deal to me since it is almost exclusively my only tie to Eric during the day and because I drive to work in the wee hours of the morning) and my dryer is still broken and my car is currently on day two of its “trick” where the heater blower doesn’t work and also…the driver side window will no longer roll down (this is why I vowed that I would never have a car with automatic windows…once they break it is a huge deal to fix them)…yeah, yeah, so on top of all that…yesterday when I got home my phone had been shut off because MCI is fucking ridiculous and stupid and I hate them and cannot understand WHY, after having debited two payments from my checking account in the last couple months, they didn’t just debit also the $93 previous balance I had before I had signed up for automatic payments. Granted…I COULD have read my mail and found out that I was due for disconnect and I COULD have read the agreement part of the deal when I signed up for automatic payments where they say that any previous balance WILL not be automatically withdrawn…but Christ…it seems as though when I don’t pay one month that balance goes to the next bill and would therefore be taken out…I don’t get it. So I had no phone and I was irritated because I had a lot to do on line last night. So then I am in the bathtub and the electricity goes out. In the whole town. It was creepy because everything was dark AND it was really foggy last night. So I happen to have Eric’s US cell phone with me because I happened to take it with me when I left him in Spain so he could call me when I was in Amsterdam between flights (my cell phone doesn’t work overseas) and I used it to call the power company and all circuits were busy on Nextel and then I got freaked out thinking that the world was going to end so I drove to my mothers house to see if they had electric and to call the electric company if they did and to find someone to call me in the morning to wake me up. SO…I finally get into bed at about 10:30, which is two and a half hours later than I am supposed to get into bed and I turn my clock radio on, and all the lights in my house so that when the electric comes back on (they were estimating midnight) I would wake up so I could set my alarms. So I read for a while by candlelight and fell asleep. Peacefully, happily, six cats piled on me for warmth. And 2 hours later I am instantly awoken by loud noise and bright lights and I was so freaked out by that awakening that I couldn’t go back to bed until 3:30 and I had to be up an hour later. So I am pretty tired today.

And now this Spanish lawyer that is helping us get our visas is telling me that I need an international driving license and I know she is wrong and I am pissed off that they are telling me I need to get that. I know that as long as I have a valid US license I don’t need anything else. I KNOW this. And to make things worse, the Secretary of State doesn’t even know what I am talking about.

I also have to go get a police record for myself. This will be interesting. I don’t have anything big on my record, but I am sure there are some things. I am curious what my record says.

Speaking of records. This guy that used to work at the restaurant (and was fired a few months ago because he missed a shift and it really pissed me off that he got fired but that is another story) just had his car stolen and the police won’t do anything about it. This guy is NOT a respectable citizen but I have always had a soft spot for him because I know that he’s had a really hard life and he isn’t all there really. He doesn’t know how to read and he has a drug problem. But he was a good worker and he his drug problem was curbed when he was working. Anyway…after he got fired he kind of lost it. He’s back on the crack and got rid of most of his things already in order to get crack. He gets enough from disability (his disability being that he is not all there) to pay his rent and it leaves him $15 a month extra. I am pretty certain he must have some other form of government assistance to buy food. So here he is, living in an apartment and he has a family living in his kitchen, another crack head in another room and various other non desirables floating about. So apparently the other day he gave his car away for crack. But he didn’t have the crack yet so he didn’t give away the title…and on the way to get the crack the guy that had been given the car got arrested and HE gave the car to someone else. So, guy I used to work with is without car and without crack so he calls the car in stolen after three days and the police find the guy he had given the car to, in jail, and this guy says he gave the car to someone else and the police tell guy that I work with that there is nothing they can do because the people that have the car didn’t steal it, the guy in jail did, and there is nothing in the law that says those people have to give the car back or be charged. WHICH IS BULLSHIT and I am really pissed off. I know that if I had been in a similar circumstance, I give my car to someone for a service and they fail to perform the service but have since given the car away, the cops would get my fucking car back for me. Not just because I have the title but because I am a respectable human being. And I hate that they guy I used to work with is being discriminated against and I almost think I should pursue this on his behalf and get his fucking car back. But I don’t really want to get involved in some crack deal gone bad either. But I really wish the cops would do their job. This guy has a heart in him, he isn’t a bad guy, he’s just taken some wrong turns, hasn’t had a chance since the get go. And pretty soon he’s going to be on the street and that makes me really sad.

So I think that is it. All I wanted to write about. I am tired and I have a lot to do tonight. I want to have a Whisper day off on Thursday which means sleeping in, drinking lots of coffee, watching movies and doing nothing. But in order to have a truly stupendous and perfect Whisper day off my house needs to be clean and things need to be done. So I have to get busy.


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