2005-02-06 - 4:27 p.m.

Let's talk about my wedding ring. for most of my life I have not liked diamonds. At all. I didn't like them because they were really plain. Colorless. Boring. I DID like colored diamonds because they had more character, but I didn't ever like the traditional, colorless diamond. That is why last June when Eric and I decided to get married we drove directly to an antique store in Ann Arbor and bought the prettiest, classiest garnet ring they had as my engagement ring.

It was a total fluke that I ended up with a diamond on my finger.

You see, about a year ago we had gone into a local jewelry store, Morrison's, to get an estimate on a ring my mother had had before I stole it from her. It had been damaged in a car accident (we think) and needed some serious repair. I had worn it, even though the stone was totally destroyed, for a couple years, I would just paint the stone with clear nail polish to make it look a little less destroyed. I loved that ring (and will someday have it back in full repair) but I had always intended to get it fixed. ANYWAY...we happened to be right by the store it came from one day and we went in there to see what they could tell us. And while we were there I happened to see the only, truly, diamond ring that I have ever liked. But it was really expensive and we weren't even talking about marriage at that point. So...we got the info we needed that day about the other ring and I had tried that diamond on and we left. Six months later we went back to see again about getting my mother's ring fixed and we also needed to get Eric's grandfathers ring sized to fit Eric, for our wedding. And my diamond was still there and I was looking at it and the salesguy said, "You know, I think my dad (the owner) said something about that ring being here too long and we can let it go for (I think it was)30% less." And Eric didn't even hesitate...he bought it. And I was very happy.

And it's a fucking beautiful ring.

And sometimes people make really rude comments about it.

And I just wonder when it became okay to ask someone "is that real?" Or to say, "that's some rock you got on there," while sneering at you. Yeah, I feel funny sometimes wearing it. Like I have no business wearing such a piece of jewelry when I am just a lowly waitress. But for gods sake...

Anyway...the reason I am talking about my ring today is because I had this table today and I was standing behind it as they were figuring out who owed what after I dropped off the bill. They couldn't see me because there is a wall there but I could hear them and someone asked, "how much should we each leave for a tip?" and someone else said, "She doesn't need anything, did you see the size of that rock on her finger?" And someone else said, "no shit." And they left $1 on a $27 bill.

People are fucking ridiculous.

My ring isn't even that's just the way it is set and the fact that it is a perfect cut diamond cut by the creator of the brilliant diamond. She's a sparkler but she's no bigger than your typical ring. It's all in the sparkle...remember that, it's all in the cut.

By the way, if I win the football pool tonight I am getting my nose pierced tomorrow. This is exciting.


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