2004-02-27 - 6:54 p.m.

In thirty four days I will be in France. I will be eating my favorite yogurt and bread, going to my favorite restaurant, taking my favorite walk, seeing my favorite view and witnessing my favorite color as the evening sky decends over Paris. an added bonus...this Easter we will be on the sea in Spain. Last Easter we were perched high atop a cliff in Scotland (and later getting far more drunk than should be allowed). I think we will always go someplace totally awesome for Easter.

I am very excited to be going to see my Boy. A couple weeks ago I said, "I muse be getting better at this, the separation doesn't seem so bad this time," at which point Boy replied, "It's only been four days Whisper." Oh. So I am not getting any better at this because now it has been two weeks or so and I already crave him more than I crave anything else I can ever imagine.

I am so excited that the prospect of flying (and I will be on a lot of planes this time due to the fact that I am trying to avoid the DC-10 Northwest uses for the most convenient flight to Paris and have to have two connections to avoid the Death Cruiser) is hardly bothering me. Yet.

I hate flying.

I am incredibly boring lately.

Right now I am listening to the Bee Gee's. I love the Bee Gee's.

My silver Honda was taken away yesterday. I only cried for half an hour or so. Thankfully my mother was the only person I could get a hold of right after they took Emmy away so she was the only one that witnessed my ridiculous sob fest.

She looked so pretty as they took her away yesterday. Silver sparkling against the five o'clock sun. She looked proud.

I miss her.


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