2004-03-06 - 5:04 a.m.

Yesterday I noticed that a girl I work with has been putting on some pounds. Not a ton or anything, she is still what you would consider to be thinish, but her butt and thighs seem to have been getting increasingly bigger. And then one of our asshole cooks said something about it to her. And, of course, she got upset and asked me, “Whisper, am I gaining weight?”

And what are you supposed to say to that? Am I supposed to tell her that I too noticed? Or do I just tell her no? I am at a total loss about this. While I would say that I would people to tell ME if I was gaining weight, I don’t actually think I would want to hear it once someone said it.

In the end I didn’t say anything but, “don’t listen to them, they are assholes and thrive on making women feel like shit.”

But I’m wondering if that was the right thing.


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