2003-11-13 - 11:50 a.m.

I had the rare opportunity today to watch the Dukes of Hazard in French. And right after that, Dallas came on. There is nothing funnier (okay, there are a lot of things more funny, but not today there hasn't been)than watching Roscoe and J.R. speaking in smooth, fluid French. It is really hilarious. I especially love the dubbed laugh they gave Roscoe. As though they had to not only dub the words into French, but they also had to take away his signature hillbilly giggle and turn it into a french sneer. Funny.

And now I am sitting here listening to Billy Oceans greatest hits. E. has about 1500 CD's and I chose to listen to Billy Ocean.

I leave in two days. I am oddly ready to go home. Of course, I DO NOT want to leave boy, not at all, but I do feel like being home. This whole way of life he and I have going on is beginning to feel very normal to me. As though the weeks and weeks I am without him are just days. Like we live in different cities or something and only see one another on the weekends...only, our weeks, between weekends, happen to be about six weeks (real time) apart.

I'm still tired too.

How many weeks of sleep do I need before I actually feel rested?


And I don't feel like reading this entry before I post it so you can just deal with whatever mistakes I have made within this text.


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