2003-11-17 - 9:41 p.m.

And so life resumes. I left here two weeks ago after a very, very trying time in my life. I got on the first airplane, two weeks ago, and felt just how shot my nervous system had become. My nerves were so frazzled that I actually felt like everything was short circuiting. And then I spent two weeks doing nothing but plastering myself to boy and sleeping.

And now I am back here. Everything is in place for life to resume. My car is working, my nerves are semi-normal...I should be able to pick up the pieces and resume.

But I don't want to, I want to go back to the boy. I want to pack up, sell everything and go.

And I think I am going to.


I must sleep now. Airplanes suck. They really, really suck. But I do have to say that flying at night is something really beautiful. I used to think I liked flying during the day, so I could watch the clouds, but I like flying at night better, on a clear night. It was so beautiful this evening. Even the airport in Detroit at night was almost too beautiful. All those glittering lights. I loved it. If only I could actually FLY the airplane myself, I think I would like flying then.

Okay, night night.


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