2022-08-22 - 2:26 p.m.

I got a fancy new app for my schedules and work related things. That's how my new job does things. It's not like my old job where maybe they hung up a schedule on the water heater and maybe sent it out by email with a nasty memo complaining about all of us, if they remembered to hit send. I'm pretty excited to have a job that isn't just a mashup of whatever people feel like doing and having some sort of organization. I did appreciate the years at the former restaurant, for sure. But there was absolutely no degree of cohesiveness, at all. I'll be glad for this pulling together, working my brain and meeting new people.

I'm going to dinner with a friend tonight. I'm sorry for myself that I spent this past week in a pretty dim corner of my brain and didn't take advantage of having days off other than to wallow. Working five nights a week doesn't really ever allow for one to go out and do a thing. I should have been socializing during this rare period of time off. I'm pretty sure I haven't had anything to eat in days until last night, and I barely ate it. I vaguely recall making a sandwich a few days ago. I had some sun chips and pickles at some point. Anyway, I'm going to force myself to eat a bunch tonight. Then I'm going to buy new work pants and shoes and on Wednesday, I start my job. I'm excited. But, then again, I kind of never want to work in a restaurant again. I just didn't get the time to figure that out properly. But I think I'm in a good place to let me handle my thoughts about what to do next and that they will support me.

I'm still madly in love.

Cats are ok. They are getting old. It's beginning to become alarming.


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