2022-06-30 - 1:33 p.m.

I make my bed every day. I'm not a tidy person, nor am I, at all, one of those women (or men) who are constantly doing domestic things and making pretty houses and all that stuff. I've had the same silverware for thirty years. No joke. It's all mismatched and old. I'm not a domestic person. I didn't register for anything when I got married, for example. You're supposed to do that. I could have had new silverware. Anyway, I make my bed every day. Not because I'm a domestic goddess, not by any means, but because I love a good bed to cuddle into after work. I'm a little obsessive about washing my bedding even. But the last couple weeks....being in absolute love with someone...I've been sleeping with just my weighted blanket on a basically bare mattress. I've completely lost my mind in this love. I have my sheets in the wash now and I'll probably have to go to the laundromat tomorrow to wash everything else because it will take days to do it at home. Good lord, this is a delightful disaster of love.

Cats are good. I think I got myself pulled together enough to start giving them all the attentions they are used to.

I'm so in love. A girl at work last night, who knows nothing about this situation because she's been away for the last month said, "ummmm, you're glowing very different". And, that, my friends, is very true.


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