2022-06-27 - 3:35 p.m.

Well, this is a disaster. I had a big phone issue a few weeks ago when I lost my old phone. I got a new phone and the girl at the store was brand new and couldn't figure out how to get my stuff from the cloud or whatever the f that is and I got very frustrated after sitting there for almost three hours and told her I would figure it out myself. Well, myself isn't that savvy. So it was like three weeks of people sending me texts and me asking who it was from because I lost all my contacts and blah blah blah. And I didn't have any of my photos, no apps, nothing. So I spent the last three weeks rebuilding all that stuff (except all my photos) and I was just getting to a comfortable point where I could get back to my normal routine. The phone is important to me. I use it for every damn thing. Anyway, that god damn piece of shit mother fucker of an asshole piece of shit fucker who I used to kind of date...took my phone yesterday. And hid it. He said I was on it too much and I was too distracted to get things done. I don't refute that. But it's absolutely none of his business what I do. None of his business. I have a sick nephew, a mother I fret about constantly and I'm bleeding to death again and he took my phone and just left me with absolutely no communication form. I have been using a hotspot on my phone for internet, so I didn't even have internet. Sigh. Jesus god.

So I woke up this morning and went to the god damn phone store and got my old phone reactivated because I was tired of screaming at him to give my other phone. It worked for like half an hour after I had to had sit there for and hour and a half. I got home, and the phone stopped working. Aside from just wanting to talk to my peeps, I had orders to do for work today and I can't be without my phone or internet. So I had to drive all the ass way back to Novi to the god damn phone store and TWO hours later, the situation was rectified. Holy fuck.

I don't know how the cats are because I've been driving back and forth through construction all day to remedy something that should not have happened in the mother fucking first fucking place.

But I still in wild and crazy love with a person who would never do something like this to me and I can't wait to talk to him today. I believe our phone date went pretty well yesterday. I managed to be somewhat composed but, also, kind of not. He really does make me swoon like a crazy person.


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