2021-09-12 - 7:38 p.m.

I don't feel like I'm getting enough food. But I'm 48 and I guess I'm just going to get more and more chubby until I figure out how to eat for this age? I think I need to start just being a grazer. Not a meal eater. I used to eat a big lunch around 2:30, go to work and then bring something home or make something to eat in bed around midnight. And it's just not working anymore. I wake up starving in the middle of the night. I get hunger pangs around 5 pm, I have to have a snack at 9 pm...even with my two big meals a day. So a grazer I shall become. I'm sure it's better for me and I'll feel better but I'll miss big meals.

I had a nice trip planned for myself this weekend. I should be in my whirlpool tub overlooking Lake Leelanaw right now....but I have a sick cat and I also had a lot of anxiety about going anyway because I haven't been away from my house except for work and quick drives (no overnights anywhere) to Kalamazoo in 20 months. It's going to be a big deal for me to leave. The place I was supposed to go is 6 hours away and I think maybe I should start a little smaller. Like 2 hours away. So I can drive back easily if I feel like I need to (and I probably will need to).

Sketchy isn't doing well. She's always been a little unhealthy. But she has a spirit in her that I've never seen. She does not mess around. She's on fluids now and meds that I have to have compounded at a special pharmacy because she won't let anyone get near her mouth and she doesn't like treats or cheese or any other vehicle you could trick a cat into eating to get them their pills. So I have to get this cream that I rub into her ear. Thankfully, I now have a compounding pharmacy in my town. Previously, when Oscar needed medicine compounded, I would have to drive an hour and half round trip to get it.

Work is fine. Super busy. It's the battery show this week and we get absolutely slaughtered. Since I didn't go on my trip, I could, in theory, offer to work Tuesday night. They had to schedule 2 bartenders to cover me (very flattering). But I'm not gonna. Wednesday and Thursday of that will be enough for me. It's hilarious that our busiest weeks are when the the foam show and the battery show come to town. And then I work a double Friday and Saturday (the show will be over by then, though). I really wanted this vacation. I sure hope I can make it happen in the next few weeks.


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