2021-06-22 - 11:12 p.m.

We have a dishwasher at work with whom I always end up closing with. He's a bit crazy. He's also a recovered meth addict. And by recovered, I mean, right now he isn't using. I was giving him extra money if I got a crazy tip and he kind of asked me not to do that because it tempted him. So, yikes. Anyway. He's a good man. And every night when we're shutting it down he asks, "Miss Whisper, what was your negative and your positive tonight?" And I love that. So I'll tell him and then ask him what his were.

I had a pretty shitty day day today. But despite all the crazy that happened, I had some beautiful moments. And this weather is amazing!

My negatives. I had to go into work on my day off because I had a big beer order come in and I'm the only person who can deal with it. I put a pretty dress on over my pajamas and set off. I stopped at CVS first to get my damn birth control pills that I don't want to be on and the pharmacist heard my first name and said, "Oh, for pet?". Then I went to my bank and had the teller that I despise but I was kind of glad because all my tips from Saturday sat in my work bag with a piece of salmon someone left for my cats so she had to deal with that. So then I got to work, got my beer sorted and entered in the computer and just as I was leaving someone yelled that they were out of mushrooms. So I said I'd go get some. Walmart is the closest store. Upon walking in, I was almost mowed down by a giant truck going way too fast and ignoring all the pedestrian crossing stuff. I got four things of mushrooms and went to self checkout. The line was long but I definitely got in the correct spot. But then a woman came up right behind me, like, I could feel her breath on my neck and she was all busy busy irritated sort of thing. So I turned around and asked her if she wanted to go in front of me? And she told me to fuck off. I really am one of the nicest people you will ever meet. And I know I wasn't rude to her. I know I was nice. I know when I'm being sassy and I wasn't. I was truly wondering if she wanted to go in front of me. Ugh. Anyway. I checked out and I almost got mowed down AGAIN by another car in the parking lot. Just plain speeding through. I was, again, in the pedestrian crossing and there is no way that person should have or could have been driving that fast through that area. So I got back to work and dropped off the fucking mushrooms and went home.

Positives. Because I put a dress on over my pajamas, I was able to walk right in the house and take the dress off and be in pajamas. I had a turkey family inside the fence today. The mom (or maybe dad, I hear turkey dads do a lot) was teaching the babies to fly over the fence. It was amazing to see. I also have a mama deer in my yard, I expect to see her baby any day now. Since my big health crisis I really haven't wanted to eat anything but sunchips , canteloupe and toast dipped in garlic expressions. But tonight i finally made, and enjoyed, a healthy dinner. I'm crossing my fingers that all this nonsense is behind me. Cats are good. And I'm loving this weather so so so so much. If summer could always be just this. I can still have my blankets and heating pads but still get sun during the day and don't need heat or a/c or's just wonderful.


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