2021-06-16 - 5:24 p.m.

So, last night at work...I had an annoying woman come in right about closing time and she was on her phone and brushed me away with a finger saying one second sort of thing. Anyway, she went on talking, telling her friend (kind of jokingly) to put small doses of arsenic in her husbands coffee. Good lord. She finally ordered a drink and I told her the kitchen was closing in, literally, one minute. So she got a pate and continued talking on the phone. Anyway. When I served her the pate she was off the phone and she apologized and said it was the first time she's felt human in a while because she had a hard time with the vaccine. I told her I had had a hard time, too,and we eventually got to the point that we both admitted that we just were just bleeding out for weeks. Her experience was the exact same as mine. Except she hadn't gone to the doctor yet, just urgent care. So I told her everything my doctor did for me and urged her to call her doctor immediately. I hope she did. I felt very kindred to her. That was one of the most traumatic times of my life I've ever had. I really thought I was going to die. Waking in pools of blood every hour, every night, despite the appropriate measures, is fucking scary. So she and I bonded and thank god no one else was at the bar because we were talking about some disgusting stuff. But then, ugh, she told me she was a huge supporter of Trump. Which I kind of just let go. I don't mind talking to people or being friends with people who have different political views than I do. I learn, they learn. Neither party is perfect. But then! Omg! One of our servers has been keto for a couple years. She's a total moron in general...and she's also keto. And she and this woman, who I really felt kindred with, went into a keto frenzy. And I bowed out of that friendship immediately.

Cats are ok. Louie needs to go to the vet. Appointments right now are three weeks out. I can take him to emergency. He does have insurance. It's just such an ordeal and I just want this situation to resolve itself without putting him through that.

Work is awful. But I'm appreciating that we all don't really give a shit anymore. This pandemic made us realize there's more to life than heating a fucking glass over heat for 30 seconds before pouring the gran marnier in. We used to give everyone tastes of wine before we poured the damn glass. Even if they have always ordered that same wine every time they came in. Now we're just pouring it at the bar. These customers have been absolutely spoiled rotten and we aren't doing it anymore. We're also sticking with making everyone box their own damn leftovers. Which is a huge time saver. We used to box everything up for people and then have to put a sticker on the boxes that said the date and a cute note and then bag it up. Now we're just giving people boxes at the table. It's the best thing that has happened from this whole ordeal.

I have many more things to talk about.


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