2015-10-28 - 1:07 a.m.

Usually on Tuesdays I will stay up as late as I possibly can because when I wake up in the morning I just have to get ready for work. I'd rather just not. I hate work. I hate that I hate work.


There is an opossum living in the garage already this year. He's made himself pretty cozy. I have no idea what to do about this. He finally left last night but I had to leave the garage open again tonight because Ernest has been pulling some shit this year and hasn't been coming home at night at least once a week. The opossum was all tucked into his bed by eleven. I brought him some cheese and bananas. I'll probably bring him some avocado in a minute when I go out to check one last time for dumb Ernie.

Things are still awful and weird around here. I'm getting ready to talk about it. What a strange year I've had. I never would have imagined. Not in a billion years. It feels like I'm living in some parallel universe.

National Novel Writing Month in a few days!! I hope I can do it this year. Of course, the first day of it, the day I look forward to all full of hope and ambition and I can snuggle into my bed with my ratty robe and endless cups of work scheduled a mandatory meeting that is scheduled for at least six hours. Starting at ten am. And they got a party bus. Which means there will likely be more party afterwards. And since I've been partaking in such things lately in my weird universe, it's unlikely that I will get any writing done. I am kind of planning to bring my laptop with me, though. Just in case.

That is all.


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