2015-08-30 - 1:22 a.m.

Hi. I actually got home from work, on a closing shift, at a reasonable hour tonight. We finally changed our hours so we are closing an hour earlier. Really this isn't going to have much of an effect on my schedule but there will be the rare nights like tonight when we had not a soul in the restaurant at eleven and I could lock the doors and done with it all. Sure enough, about fifteen minutes after I locked the doors, a single person came up to the door and tried to get in. Last week I would have had to stay open for that one, single person. Anyway. It's nice to be home and to be done with work for the week.

Things have been pretty awful here. I've let this go so long...this not talking about stuff, that you will have no idea how this could have happened...but...Eric and I are having some big troubles. At the current time he is not "living" here. I asked him for a few months of space so I can figure some things out. Right now the current situation is that he is getting a hotel Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, coming here on Thursday to spend time with the cats and then going to stay with family or friends on the weekends. This is all really horrible and I wish I could just flip the switch in my brain that makes things OK again. We are all suffering.

So. That's it in as few words as I can muster. I need to start writing about this. I'm going to a therapist. She's only seen me once and she's already telling me to start writing, get writing, write.

Kitties are fine.


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