2015-05-03 - 2:16 a.m.

Oh jesus. Another cat crisis. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Fuck.

As I reported a couple weeks ago...cats were puking like crazy. Then it started to taper off. At some point between cats puking and not puking, P Diddy started acting weird. She has a history of getting constipated. And that's how she was acting. So I started treating her for constipation. Then, a couple days later she finally pooped. Whew. So when she started puking a couple days after that I assumed she just caught the puke flu that some of the others had. She puked all of Wednesday. On Thursday I brought her to the vet. They ran a bunch of tests, did xrays...couldn't find anything. Put her on fluid therapy and a bunch of meds. She wasn't any better on Friday. Worse, actually. So I brought her back to the vet this morning. Still couldn't find anything. Changed the antibiotic and added more stomach meds. But, she threw both of them up within an hour. I went to work. Eric texted three hours into my shift that she had just pooped blood all over my bed. So I left work (on a Saturday night, shit) and met him at the ER. They admitted her and she's now on an IV with a shit load of meds being pumped in. Still no idea what is going on. There was talk of a blood transfusion but it's on hold now because her bloodwork came back showing that she didn't need one even though her clotting tests came back saying that she wasn't clotting.

Anyway. I've been bleaching bedding in hot water for the last six hours. I threw away the pieces that actually had blood on them and I'm just bleaching the holy fuck out of everything else. This is horrible.


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