2014-10-31 - 2:26 a.m.

You wouldn't even fucking believe it.

Today we woke up to our cat, Crash, having a grand mal seizure.


You read that correctly. I am having YET ANOTHER CAT CRISIS. When I said that I knew I would have a tough time in the future because I had a bunch of cats around the same age entering into geriatric status, I never thought they would start going WEEKLY.

Anyway. I waited with him until I could get him to my regular vet because I knew the fucking emergency vet would charge me $2000 and not do anything. I also knew a seizure thing can wait a second if they aren't seizing constantly. So we waited for six hours. My vet thinks it's probably a brain tumor. We ordered a bunch of other tests to rule other things out but it's probably a brain tumor and as far as I understand my only option for that diagnosis is a $1500 MRI. He's in pretty bad shape though. He hasn't slept since this happened this morning even though she put him on medicine to sedate him. He's seventeen. Oh, fuck. I just can't believe this.


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