2014-10-27 - 11:29 p.m.

I'm still a wreck. I can barely get out of bed. The house is a disaster. I had thought that I would clean every day of my three days off this week but yesterday I was a zombie, today I was a zombie...hopefully tomorrow I will be better. I managed to shower today and, because I was incapable of accomplishing anything around the house, I went out and did my grocery shopping. I normally do my grocery shopping after work on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It's nice to get it out of the way. I also went to the health food store looking for this new vegan cheese that I am very excited about. And finally, I went to the god damned Halloween store for a god damned costume. Ugh. Next year will the last year for three years that I will have to dress up. I can't wait. I hate it when Halloween falls on one of my work nights. Anyway. Since there are two of us tending bar on Friday nights I decided we should be a team costume. So I got us stupid Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes. We'll be adorable. Hopefully we make a billion dollars.

So. As you know. I had to have my beautiful, powerful, wonderful kitty, Sully, put to sleep on Friday. It's been shocking to me, as I go through photos and journal entries about him, to realize that I only had him for five years. It feels like he's been with me for my entire life. I guess that's the nature of a soul kitty though. He was about seventeen years old and it makes me profoundly sad to know that I could have had twelve extra years with him if fate had worked out that way. He wandered this neighborhood for about ten years before Eric and I moved here...and he really liked living with us. I hate thinking about the fact that he was basically homeless before we arrived.

I slept and cooked and bathed all day Friday and thought I would wake up Saturday to get on with my life. But instead I woke up to a cat spitting up bloody mucus all over the place. Which was terrifying. We threw her in a cat carrier and Eric rushed her to the vet. The best guess is that she had a piece of grass stuck in her throat and couldn't get it out so she kept hacking away until there was bloody sputum. They put her under and did a scope and nasal flush and then she came home and she's been fine ever since. That was a $350 piece of grass. But I am so glad she's OK. I've been a bit of a wreck about her because we don't know much about her. In July a facebook acquaintance of mine found her in her yard. Completely emaciated, flea ridden and weak. She posted her picture and asked if anyone could help. Before I had a chance to respond she had taken the poor thing to animal control. Animal control will hold an animal for a period of days and then the animal will see a vet and if it's deemed adoptable they will give the animal vet care. If it's not deemed immediately adoptable they are euthanized. This cat would have been euthanized immediately after the stray hold was up. I called every day to check on her and to give them my name and to tell them that I would take her when the stray hold was up and they kept telling me that they could't guarantee that I could take her, that she had to pass a medical exam and I kept telling them I didn't care about the medical exam, that I would take her in any condition. I spoke with some animal rescues in hopes that they could pull her for me and I got the advice that the easiest way to get her was to lie. So I sent Eric. He went in there and said that we had adopted this black cat two months prior and the day we adopted her she had gotten out and we never found her until now when we saw a post on a Facebook page for missing and found animals in our area. This gave us a good reason for not having any photos or vet records to establish ownership. And they fell for it. They released her to him. I was already enroute in hopes that he would be able to pull it off and he said, "I got her!! And, um, I got a kitten too." And I was like, "Yay!!! and haha." But no, he really did have a kitten too. As he was leaving the place a girl was walking in the surrender a kitten and after having seen the horrors of the inside of animal control he was in shock and just took the kitten. So he delivered to me in the parking lot of Meijer, a poor, flea ridden (they hadn't even treated her for fleas there), emaciated four and a half pound girl cat and a tiny, seven week old, gray kitten. I drove right to the vet and had them checked out and then home to give the girl a bath. It was horrifying. You've never seen a skinnier cat. Her tail bone was all you saw when you looked at her. She was about an inch wide. It was terrifying to pick her up for fear of damaging her somehow. When I gave her a bath the water turned rust colored from the blood and flea dirt. The next couple weeks were hard, she threw up a lot because she wasn't used to eating. And she was still in survival mode so when she would throw up she would eat it if I didn't get it immediately.

Now, four months later, she is up to ten and a half pounds. Her hair as all grown back, it's not as long as it's going to be, but she is at least covered by hair now. She's funny and cute and nice and she doesn't give one shit about anything. From day one she's acted like she's been in this house for twenty years. I don't know why she was at the point she was at when she was found. Why was she in SUCH bad shape? Does she have an underlying illness? Her bloodwork is fine and her xrays are fine but still, man, she was in dire shape. So when she spit up blood I was really, really freaked out. And I felt, seriously, like I was in a nightmare. How can it be that I lost my two soul cats in a two week period of time and then wake up to bloody sputum?

Anyway. She's fine now. She's great. It's only happy cat stories from now on. And tomorrow I am going to clean.


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