2014-09-20 - 1:23 a.m.

Everything is fine. Ugh.

For real though. Everything is fine.

I've actually been pretty happy lately for no apparent reason. I think I'm finally getting out of this biological funk I've been in for a while. Let me tell you...the decision to not have children gets really, really hard when you are nearing the end of your child bearing years. Obviously I should be writing way more about this issue than I am going to. Maybe someday. But right now I just don't have the time or energy to tell you about what has been happening with my emotions and my thinking over the last few years. I'll just leave it's really difficult to overcome basic instinct.

The cats are fine. The cat I caught on Tuesday is really nice. Signs go up tomorrow. Unfortunately I was unprepared to catch a cat and haven't had time yet to put up signs or take her to the vet to check for microchips (I don't feel one though). I never would have thought I would catch her that fast. It took months and months and over a year in some cases to catch feral kitties. And I never managed to catch them in the live trap (except for that poor kitten last year). Anyway, she's safe and quite happy but I feel really horrible that I might have somebody's cat and I don't have signs up yet (of course, if she is somebody's cat THEY also don't have missing signs up yet either). Hopefully I can get her to the vet this weekend.

Oscar is fine. He's an old man. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I'm doing everything in my power to make sure he's having perfect days. I have to be away from him twice next week and I'm already freaking out about it but the reality is that the last time I spent a night away from him was in the early spring. He'll be fine. It will be fine.


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