2014-09-17 - 12:44 a.m.


I live trapped another cat yesterday. This one has been hanging around for months now and god damn it, I really didn't want to worry about another cat this winter. So I thought, "well, I'll just start setting the live trap whenever I'm home in the evening and eventually I'll catch the damn thing." Yeah, I caught it on the first try. Like, within fifteen minutes of setting the trap. Why wasn't Rudy that easy? It took a YEAR AND A HALF to catch him. And that other poor cat that I tried to catch last year...the one who belonged to a neighbor? I never caught him, he eluded the trap and he never returned home. =( But I got this one. She's in the spare room now. I think it's a she. Also, she's definitely not a feral cat. I'm putting up signs tomorrow. If she does belong to someone they aren't doing a great job taking care of her. She's here every night, in the middle of the night. Yesterday she was out in the rain. And she ate three cans of food once I got her in the room. A cat who has a ready food supply will not eat three cans of food in a short span of time.

Anyway. Fuck.

I'm still trying to get those other two up to speed. (I still haven't told that story.) Kitten had his last round of shots last week not he waits for a couple months to get his balls snipped and a microchip. The little girl cat is still working on getting her health back. She's getting up there with weight but she's still pretty weak muscle wise. She has more spirit than any cat I've ever seen though. This girl is amazing. She can't be spayed or have shots until she's perfectly healthy.

I have a wedding to attend next weekend. I've already been out shopping for a dress and already had one complete mall related meltdown. This is a nightmare for me. I sure wish I would just learn to sew already. Why don't I do that?

Last weekend my plans got shot to hell so Eric and I decided to go to Clarkston for a look around. That's where we kind of want to move. It feels nice up there. The air feels different somehow even though it's just half an hour away from here. We ate at a restaurant there, a pretty famous (because of kid rock) BBQ place. They had a lot of vegetarian options! So many, actually! I had a hard time deciding. I love that!

That is all.


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