2014-04-28 - 12:24 a.m.

I was so ITCHY today. Ugh! I couldn't stand it. I ended up having to do a spa like treatment for myself. It was quite divine. I used to be really good about taking care of myself. I used to paint my toenails, file my nails, pluck my I'm lucky if I get my hair trimmed once a year. Anyway. I slathered my hair with flaxseed oil and let it sit for half an hour while I exfoliated my face and put a clay mask on. I took off the old, chipped toenail polish that I've just been layering on every time I go for a massage. Pathetic. I think it's been over a year since I've actually removed any polish. Instead I just let it chip away until I get a massage and then I put a new coat on. Gross. So then I took a scrubby shower with a sugar scrub and washed my hair and put a deep conditioner in and then I took a bath into which I put all the leftover yogurt I had from my pre vegan days. And I scrubbed some more. Then I took another shower and rinsed everything off and then I super moisturized and now I am in bed and I am finally not itchy. I need to get my hair cut and my teeth cleaned. I am barely civilized these days.

We had a productive weekend. We're kicking ass over here getting things done. Eric doesn't seem to feel like it but I sure do. We did two things today that have been at the top of my anxiety list for months now. We gave our neighbors a big basket of gifts and a thank you card. (they plow our road and all our drive ways all winter long. FOR FREE and without having been asked.) And I cleaned the garage. It still needs some work but I have to wait for a bit warmer weather for drying purposes. I need to clean the carpets out there and I need to bleach the whole floor. But I have to wait for both of those things. It's mostly clean though. I have about forty loads of wash to do but I'll get through it. We also got the pool set up!! There isn't water in it yet but I think I will call tomorrow and have someone fill it for us. Normally we fill it ourselves but it takes about a week that way and it's a very big pain in the ass. We have to keep resetting the water softener and there is a hose in our house for a week and yuck. Eric got a bonus check at work so until we blow through it all like we do, I feel OK spending money to have somebody haul water to us. It will be nice to have the pool ready for the first hot day. In years past we only set the pool up AFTER the first hot day when we sit around miserably all day wishing we had the pool set up.

That cat is fine. He's being a total ass to me again though. He's hissing like crazy. It's going to take forever to tame him. I watch him on the camera and you should see him sprawled out on the bed. He stretches and rolls around and pancakes himself but the second I walk in he bolts under the bed and gets all squished up and hisses at me. It's so nice to have him in that room though. He's getting sunlight and fresh air and it isn't gross and dirty and dank like the garage was. I've been sneaking vitamins and flax oil into his food and he is looking really clear now. As soon as his hair grows back from all the mats being cut off, he's going to be gorgeous.

Oh let's see. In other news. Eric is still kind of thinking about that job on the other side of the state. He's actively pursuing an offer from them at this point. He went through another round in the process yesterday. I think now we just wait for an actual offer. It will have to be a huge offer at this point. I was so excited by the thought of moving back to the west side of the state and I still am...but I am also kind of freaked out about it. It would be a tremendous amount of work and I just don't know that I can do that right now. And how exactly do you move this many cats? Ugh. If this happens I just have to keep remembering how nice it will be to be close to our families and to my facial lady.

I guess that is all.


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