2014-04-19 - 3:19 a.m.

It's very late and I am very tired. But, as usual, it takes me a very precise two hours to fall asleep once I get home from work. No matter what. I got home especially late tonight because, 1. we had late guests and 2. I had to go grocery shopping after work because I am a psychopath. (I have an OCD issue with backtracking. Since I PASS Meijer on my way home it only makes sense to me to stop there on my way home instead of going the next day when I would have to make a special trip.) So. Now I am home and I have another hour before my exhausted brain will let me fall asleep and there is nothing on TV and I'm not totally into the book I am reading right now. Ugh.

I caught that god damn cat again. He's been limping. LIMPING. So I freaked out and last Monday I set up the camera in the garage and set a live trap in the front of the house and I waited and obsessively watched the camera and finally he showed up in the garage and I bolted out the patio door and slammed the garage door shut and BAM. I got the god damn cat. So now this is it for him. He's no longer going to be a feral cat. I'm way to vested in him now to let him go. I'm going to tame the fucker. Over the course of the last five days I have FINALLY been able to pet him. It's been over a year of working on this cat. I think by Monday I'll be able to possibly wrangle him into a carrier to get him to the vet. He's going to have to be shaved, he's a giant mat. And probably neutered. And whatever else is going on with his leg and he'll need shots. And then I'm going to put him in the spare bedroom for however long it takes for him to become tame. I think he's quite old. Or, at least, being a feral cat has aged him. I can tell he was ready to be caught. He's not protesting, at all, about being locked in the garage. He's a beauty, this cat. Silver tiger, long hair, HUGE mint green eyes. I can't believe I'm putting myself through this project again. I'm going to have to put a lot of time into this over the next few months.

The other cats are fine. They are pissed off that I cut them off from the garage again, especially since I had just given it back to them after the opossum moved out, but they are fine. They've been happy being able to get out in the yard again and there's been lots of grass eating and puking which is just such a joy. Gross creatures.

Work is fine. One of our bad weeds has been gone for a couple weeks and it's been REALLY NICE. I hate acknowledging that. But man, it has been super. We have two bad weeds in our front of the house staff and they really do poison everything. Without them, everything is really quite pleasant.

I'm still vegan! I think I might have lost a pound or two which would be a fantastic benefit of this ethical choice I've made. I'm trying to not get into discussions with customers about my dietary choices. It used to be ok when I was a vegetarian because I could usually taste most things when we did our pre dinner service meetings. Out chef usually won't put the "protein" on our tasting plates (too expensive) so I often was able to taste all the components of the meal and could offer a very truthful opinion when asked. Now I can't taste anything because there is almost always butter in everything. So I say, when asked if something is good, "I have not personally tried it but I've heard (insert whatever I've heard)" and it almost always ends up that I have to admit that I am a vegan once these discussions get started. It's going OK with this, most people just look at me like I'm crazy but then let it go but I do have some people that just want to banter me forever about it. I had a little episode with a regular last night when I finally had to get really blunt with her and tell her that I am not doing this for health reasons (even though I think that a vegan diet healthy) and that my choice comes from a desire to not subject any animal at any time to any cruelty of any sort. But, tonight I had a customer tell me that we are meant to eat meat because why else would god put cows on earth? I had to very consciously restrain myself from punching him in the face. Dumb ignorance. Dumb, dumb, dumb. On so many levels.

So I guess that is all.


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