2014-04-11 - 1:15 a.m.

Hello. Things are fine. I am still a vegan. I let myself have a cheat day last week and I'm pretty sure it's a good idea to let myself have a cheat day every so often otherwise I will become crazy strict and will be an insane person in restaurants and stuff. If I tell myself that every once in a while I can have dairy or eggs then I'll be OK about not asking to see the ingredient list for everything when I go to a restaurant. I feel VERY good being a vegan. VERY good. I have crazy amounts of energy, so much energy that I can hardly stand myself. I feel very clear and focused and less inflamed. My skin is far far less red and burny. Being a vegan is a lot of work but it gets easier every day. Pretty soon I will not even have to think about it. I've been working really hard to have all my food planned out so that I don't have an episode of starving to death in which I just grab a piece of cheese or buttered toast. I'm making big batches of these nut and seed bars so I grab one of those when I am starving. And I've learned how to make a chocolate "milk" shake using avocado! And it's delicious! Like, addicting delicious. I've also learned to make a cashew cheese that is very creamy and satisfying when one wants something rich and creamy.

Anyway. It's a big deal, this vegan business. This is the rest of my life. I've made that decision. I've seen one too many semis on the highway full of terrified cows being sent to slaughter. Even being a vegetarian is not good enough. Most of those cows on semis are dairy cows who have gotten too old for milking. I can't stand it.

Work is fine.

Cats are fine.

I am fine.


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