2013-11-07 - 12:55 a.m.

Yeah, so I guess I am doing national novel writing month. Ugh. I'm five thousand words in now, I can't turn back.

Went to Meijer today with a shopping list that said "spinach, cat litter, wine".

Work was fine. Waited on a food critic this past weekend, didn't realize it until she signed her credit card slip. So for a few days I've been freaking out because it was on a Saturday and it was busy and I wasn't on top of my game because I was too busy. But the review came out and it said nothing (bad or good) about the service. So, whew. It was all about the food and it was a good review.

I am taking a week off leading up to my birthday. I can't wait. I have every second of the week planned out. I'm getting really lucky this year and Thanksgiving is falling within Whismas. Thanksgiving is just my favorite thing in the world. I am really looking forward to it. I love nothing more than waking up early on thanksgiving morning and puttering around the kitchen for the rest of the day in a busy, yet relaxed, haze. This will be the best Thanksgiving in a long time because I won't be working the night before for once. So I'll be rested and relaxed. And, I'm not traveling this year. Last year I drove to Kalamazoo and cooked dinner there. Which was just not the best idea I ever had. I worked late Wednesday night and then got up early and drove over with a car full of food and pans and got there and unloaded and cooked and ate and then loaded back up again and spent the night in a hotel and got up early the next morning to haul ass back here because I had to feed the stray cat we had been slowly taming. (I caught him a week later and now his name is Potato and he is awesome.)

Anyway. I am excited.

Nothing much else going on. Eric and I went to brunch at a fancy restaurant in Detroit this past Sunday. I thought it was not very exciting. I think this fancy restaurant needs to do some updating and their brunch was a bit lacking. Especially since their website said they had a waffle bar and they didn't. It said they had a waffle bar with red velvet waffles and other kinds. I leaped from the car when we arrived just to get to the waffles and then there were no waffles. Just some pancakes with burned edges. And one croissant (which I very luckily snagged).

After brunch we went to the DIA. I normally detest museums but I really enjoyed myself this time. I enjoyed the museum. I ditched my party and went off on my own for the most part and I found that I am able to much better appreciate things that way. Plus, I saw a ton more of the museum than the others did because I didn't dink around. I'll tell you, I am becoming even more solitary than I ever was before. I don't know, I think I might need to dial it back a bit.

We drove down Woodward instead of getting on the highway on the way home. Detroit is in shambles people. It is something I cannot even begin to describe to you. The blight. It was very painful to drive along and notice that almost every building, every house that I could see had no windows and was falling down. Beautiful homes, beautiful HUGE buildings, historic structures just crumbling and beaten down. I've never seen anything like it. There is no way to even begin rebuilding that city as far as I can see. I don't even understand how it would be possible to tear down all the buildings that need to be torn down right now. It seems an impossible task.

So that is all. I have to go to sleep now.


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