2013-11-10 - 10:39 p.m.

I am getting terribly excited about my birthday. Mostly because of the week off I am taking. Man, I am so far behind in life. I really and truly could take the next two months off and work around the house every day for eight hours and STILL not be where I need or want to be with shit. It's awful.

I got out of work SOOOOOOO late last night. It was SOOOOOO late when the last table finally decided to leave (I had been standing at the end of the bar staring at them for about half an hour and literally tapping my fingers with a stern look on my face trying to convey that HEY! IT'S SOOOOO TIME TO GO). It was so late when they decided to leave that the parking lot lights were all off and everything was pitch black. Normally somebody is supposed to stay with me when there is a late table, we aren't ever supposed to be left alone in the building. But last night the person who stayed with me was one of the cooks and he had gone out back and gotten stoned at some point (I could totally smell it even though he was kind of trying to hide it from me) and he was useless. He was completely out of it. He basically didn't even wait for me. The second the table left he did too. So I was left to walk out into the pitch black parking lot by myself. Not happy. Anyway. I got home really late and consequently, fell asleep really late. But I had to get up at my normal time today because 1. I really am making an effort at the Nano crap and 2. we had garage work to tend to. So I did half my nano goal for the day, made some food (a nice healthy vegetable and protein packed breakfast to fuel hard garage work!), went to the grocery store and pet store for a few things and then got to work on the garage. We need to THROW SHIT AWAY! OMG! If Eric decided he was leaving me the first thing I would do (after being completely devastated) would be to get a huge dumpster and throw shit away. I KNOW it's not good. It's not good to throw things away that could be recycled. But at this point we are way over our heads. Things that can't go in the regular recycling bin just need to be thrown away. I have gotten really good (mostly out of financial necessity) of not buying anything new. So I am doing really well in helping to not add things to landfills. Right? So I am allowed to make a deposit to a landfill every decade or so. Ugh. Anyway. What got accomplished today was moving piles around. At least we'll be able to fit the summer yard stuff in the garage now. I need to at least get the boxes of clothing and household stuff we don't need to the Salvation Army. There is a truck every Sunday right down the road from us. My goal is to bring a bunch of stuff there next week. A whole car full of stuff.

I am tired.


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