2013-09-17 - 10:17 p.m.

My entire week thus far has been spent in doctors offices. YUCKO! I have two more appointments so far this week and hopefully that will be IT for a while. I go to the knee and back doctor on Friday and I am pretty sure that he is going to send me elsewhere for more tests but maybe not...maybe I am just being a baby?

Going to the doctor is horrible and awful and, for me, it's one of those things that just doesn't get better knowing that everybody has to go through it. I was so worked up about my visit today that my blood pressure was actually affected and my blood pressure is always perfect. Anyway, it's over now. Tomorrow I have to have a routine ultrasound of female parts because I am old and they want a baseline. More yucko. At least I don't have to do a mammogram again this year.

So yes. I am taking care of myself. Making sure I am healthy. Good. Check that shit off my list.

Things people said to me today that I found noteworthy:

"You aren't already out, are you? I just delivered a bunch of wine last week!" -from the UPS driver who delivered yet another box of wine that Eric ordered.

"You're a great candidate for the pill, you aren't overweight and you're extremely healthy." -from the ob/gyn. I couldn't stop beaming about the 'you're not overweight' part because I am a vain, vain woman.

"Have a good night, miss." -from the much younger than I checkout person at the pharmacy. Again, I am a vain, vain woman.

"This is all!!!!??? I've never seen you with so few items!" -from the checkout guy at the pet store. This is actually the second time he has said such a thing to me. It IS shocking when I go in there and spend less than $100.

In other news. Yesterday I had to take Bear to the emergency vet because his breathing was really labored. I had previously decided that I was not going to interfere any more. That I was going to let this happen as it happened and when he got to a point where he was no longer enjoying his life I would end it. But yesterday even though he was obviously not happy and not doing well...I just couldn't. I couldn't. So I took him to the emergency vet and did what I promised him and myself that I wouldn't do and that was to get more fluid taken from his chest. Last time he very nearly died. So this time I told them that he needed oxygen therapy before and after. The very nice doctor listened to me and decided it was best to sedate him and keep him on oxygen throughout the procedure and also that pain meds should be given. And voila! It worked. Instead of almost dying, he came out of the procedure like he should have last time...much more comfortable. He's been himself all day today, breathing better and looking much more comfortable and happy. He played on some cat nip and chased me upstairs for food. So good. Good. It was such a relief to bring him home last night. When I woke up yesterday and made the decision to bring him in I also decided that I needed to clean and get my ducks in a row before I brought him in. Because I was pretty sure I was going to come home without him. And when I gathered him up at 4pm finally I burned the image of him outside in his favorite spot into my memory because I was sure that was going to be the last time I saw him there. So it was one of the most beautiful sights today to see him out there happily dozing under his tree.

So that is all.


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