2013-09-24 - 11:07 p.m.

I started physical therapy today. I cannot tell you how impatient and excited I am to not have this back pain any longer. As I sat there today answering questions I realized how stupid I have been for putting this off for so long. I am at a point now where I am working around my back pain. I don't drive hardly at all because I am avoiding back pain. I don't sit on the couch to watch movies or TV with my husband anymore because I am avoiding back pain. I don't go for walks very often anymore because I am avoiding back (and knee) pain. Etc,. So my physical therapist is pretty confidant that this can all be fixed up nicely in a couple months. I am not supposed to be bending over for things (this will prove difficult) or sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. I'm also not supposed to be sitting in bed reading or doing computer stuff. (which I am doing right now)

I saved some chickens this past weekend.

Bear is fine. I'm continuing to be annoyed and let down by his team of doctors. Veterinary medicine is seriously lacking.

The other cats are fine. That new one, Fluffy, she had a bad couple of weeks. She beat the crap out of Potato and he had get antibiotics and pain meds because he was limping and that really sucked. But every since then, she's been fine and happy as can be. I think there was some sort of hierarchy that had to be worked out. Or something. I've also been letting her outside. She's very well behaved. She is happy staying inside the fence and she comes inside after a few hours of napping.

Oh, on Saturday I worked the lunch shift so I was really excited to come home and have an evening off to relax. I let a couple cats out for a bit when I got home, Bear and a couple other kitties who don't go outside the fence and come in when I tell them to. When I went out a while later to gather them I couldn't find P-Diddy but I could hear her crying. SHE WAS IN A TREE. Like, REALLY high up. Almost as high as our roof line. And she's just a bitty, bitty thing. She was totally stuck up there. And the weather was starting to get shitty. Really windy and cold and these big gusts of wind would come along and I could see her up there just clinging to a wildly swaying branch. Crying. Ugh! So I went up to the deck where I could be closer to her and I saw that she was really stuck. So I went to the garage and got a bunch of wood scraps and devised a ramp! A ramp! It went from the deck up to where she was stuck. It took a while for her to trust it but eventually she finally jumped down onto it and ran halfway down it before stopping to cry again. FINALLY she came all the way down. And that was my relaxing evening.

The next three nights have been much better.


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