2013-02-04 - 10:36 p.m.

Tomorrow is going to be AMAZING. Thank goodness for screw-ups and people neglecting to return phone calls.

I finally sent another message via the facial lady's website and she instantly responded. Apparently I had the wrong number to send a text to. This still doesn't explain why she never returned my phone calls since I called four times and left my number each time...but whatever. I have an appointment tomorrow at two o'clock. And I have a massage at six o'clock. I plan to have all my chores done, dinner ready to be heated in the oven, pajamas laid out, cat medications ready to be administered and so on and so forth so I can come home after my massage, take a bath, eat a bite and go to bed. I need this. I am a fucking wreck lately.

Another bit of good news. You know I've been trying for years to get an avocado pit to sprout. My dad used to have an avocado pit speared by toothpicks in the window all the time when I was a kid. I'm sure he never had one sprout. But I've always continued that tradition. I've always had a stupid toothpick speared avocado pit in my window. For as long as I can remember. About a YEAR ago I just shoved a pit into the dirt of a pot of herbs I had growing. And about four months later I went to remove the pit because it was just sitting there half exposed and the herb had died. But then when I went to pull it out of the dirt I realized that it had roots. Strong roots. So I left it there. About three months after that it started to sprout. Now it is almost a foot tall and has leaves!! From everything I read I will have an avocado growing in about five years! I am so impatient! Can I handle this?! I did patiently wait out the lemon tree and this year we will have a billion lemons. We've already been harvesting more than we can use. But avocados growing in my house? I CAN NOT WAIT! Do you know how much money that would save me? A dollar a day!

Some bad news. I have a sick cat. We're not sure what is wrong with him. He's had two years of daily avocados worth of testing and found nothing definitive. But he's losing weight rapidly. Right now he's on medication for everything. Antibiotics, wormers, steroids. He actually seems to be doing better but I'm afraid that's just the steroids talking.

Work is fine. I really wish I could retire though. I sure do like the days when I can take my time with everything and cook and clean and go to the gym. And I want chickens. I sure can't handle one more life in my life right now though. I have enough on my plate.


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