2013-01-19 - 12:19 a.m.

I just read unit one of my online web design class and I still have no idea what the hell is going on. I have year of access to this class. And there are twelve units. I have to buckle down. Why is this so foreign?

My jaw is still dislocated. I had to work tonight and I shouldn't have. It was feeling a bit better this morning but now, after having to be kind of animated and social for five hours, it feels just like it did when it first popped out. I just have to work a seven hour shift tomorrow and then I will have three days to not speak at all and eat nothing but smoothies. (I was so desperate for fat and substance today that I kind half assed, painfully jawed through a handful of peanuts and then I was like...uh, why didn't I just eat some peanut butter you stupid freaking moron idiot?)


The light is getting good around here. The month of February is the most awesome month in my house. You wouldn't believe the perfection of light that comes in through our windows in February. I get excited about it every year. I have four tomato plants going already and we have a bunch of lemons very close to being ripe and the fig tree is going crazy! I'm hoping this is the year that my coffee plant finally grows some beans. I've been talking to him every day but man, he's a finicky thing. He's four years old this year, it's time to bear fruit.


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