2012-10-01 - 10:23 p.m.

Last night I bought a bunch of shit on e-bay. I woke up feeling terribly guilty about it because it was all decadent shit like wrinkle cream and satin pillow cases (for real). I am going to blame this all on my husband because he bought me (on e-bay) a used computer and now I can type things again. My old computer was totally messed up...a lot of the keys didn't work so I had an external keyboard plugged in and some of those keys didn't work so I spent a lot of time pecking away at keyboards. of my cats had walked across the external keyboard once and changed the color of everything so I couldn't ever SEE what was being typed by either keyboard. Total pain in the ass. But, now I can almost instantly buy things because it is barely any work to type things in with this new computer. Anyway. Satin pillowcases. Wow.

Things are good. Today is the one year anniversary of the first day I was officially free of that cheese job. Man was that job a mistake. I still wake up every morning so grateful that I am not going to that place.

Cats are good and numerous. Probably will be adding yet another one to the fold this week. He's been about...I've been feeding him all summer. Still can't get very close to him but his balls are huge and I just can't let him be an unfixed I am live trapping him in the morning and taking him to the vet to get neutered. I am assuming, because I am very close to being able to pet him and he seems very interested in being petted, that once I trap him he will love me and he will be my cat. I've named him Coco. Because he loves cheese and I was going to name him Co-jack but he seems much fancier than that. So Coco.

Cats. Jeez. How did I end up in this life?


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