2012-06-29 - 1:44 a.m.

Well I've been gone a long time now haven't I? My computer is so messed up, the last thing I ever feel like doing is trying to fuc*ing type something. But tonight I realized that I am starting to settle into a life of not writing AT ALL, EVER and that was pretty depressing. So even though my keyboard is missing a bunch of keys and one of my shift keys (the most used one) is also non-functioning and I somehow (or, cats walking across the keyboard all the time) changed the background color of everything to black so most of the time I can't even see what I am typing at all...I am going to make an entry tonight.

So briefly....job is great, it's amazing how long it took me to find the right place to work. I am finally feeling healthy and happy and my routines are just starting to fall into place and it is good. Cats are good., they all seem very happy with our new schedule, they basically have a human here 24/7 now that I am working nights.

Ah welll...this typing on this stupid computer is becoming way too laborious. I quit. YOU try to type using only the shift key on the right side of your keyboard. Impossible.


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