2011-08-03 - 9:32 p.m.

Restaurant job interview on Friday afternoon. Looking forward to it. I am hoping that I am not disappointed and that my instincts are right about this. I think this will be a good place for me to be. I need to make sure that I can drink tea whenever I want and that the uniform is not horrific and that there isn't a "set" schedule. I've been so disappointed with every last thing for the last decade. It's time for things to start being good again.

In other news.

I got into the pool Monday afternoon and floated around on my floaty thing for an hour or so while napping. It was PERFECT. It was exactly what I needed to do. Even though I got a sunburn. I need to set up a table by the pool so I can keep books, drinks and snacks there (and probably some sunscreen too).

There are marital problems. But I think we are working on them in our own way.

Life still sucks and you are not helping the matter.


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